Endo ReliefTM

Needle-like forceps

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In recent years, minimally invasive surgery utilizing single-incision laparoscopic procedures and needle forceps has become more and more widely practiced aiming for less invasive and more cosmetically disruptive operations in endoscopic surgery.
However, such surgery is relatively difficult to perform and its safety has also been questioned.

Endo Relief<sup>TM</sup>

Our Endo ReliefTM Needle Forceps represent a new concept in forceps that is internationally unrivaled. Although the grasping tips are 5 mm, like those of conventional forceps, the shaft diameter is a remarkably slender 2.4 mm.
The design of these unique and revolutionary forceps is based on a special handle fitting method.
Since the grasping tips are 5 mm in diameter, like most ordinary forceps, they are just as safe and easy to operate.
The very thin 2.4 mm-diameter shaft means that patients are left with little post-operative wound; healing is fast and the cosmetic result is excellent. Furthermore, the use of special titanium for the shaft ensures light weight, high corrosion resistance, and outstanding stability.
Endo ReliefTM Needle Forceps expand the range of applications for fixing forceps in reduced port surgery, by enabling the application of the triangular formation technique as same as conventional procedures in a greater variety of operations such as gall bladder disease, appendicitis, hernias, and gynecological procedures (hysterectomy).

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  • Rigidity and Durability
    Rigidity and Durability
    A broad insertion section with a titanium alloy shaft provides high rigidity and exceptional durability.
  • Rigidity and Durability
    Sensitive Operability
    The tips can be rotated in the conventional manner through handle-side control. With such smooth operation, it's hard to believe the small diameter of these forceps.
  • Rigidity and Durability
    Safety and Reuse
    To deliver safety through a familiar feel and enable repeated sterilization, the tips have been designed with the same size and form as conventional 5-mm forceps.
Endo Relief<sup>TM</sup>

Endo Relief Jaws

  • Products Name / Number
  • HandleHandle
  • Handle with ratchetHandle with ratchet
Double-action fenestrated atrumatic
Double-action atrumatic crimp
Single-action upward curved
Double-action upward curved
double-action fenestrated Duck Bill
Double-action versatile
Double-action Maryland(ultrafine)
Needle Holder Needle Holder

Shaft Guide Plus

Shaft Guide Plus

Puncture needles for direct abdominal insertion of Endo Relief.

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5mm Forceps

All our forceps are atraumatic, with excellent gripping force, sensitivity, and durability, for guaranteed satisfaction.

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Also available for conventional 5-mm forceps. Please inquire for more details.

5mm Forceps
5mm Forceps
You can assemble and disassemble our forceps easily.


Laparoscopy-assisted esophagoenteral anastomosis using endoscopic purse-string suture instrument "ENDO-PSI(Ⅱ) SLIM" and circular stapler

Product Details

Esophagoenterostomy in a laparoscopic total gastrectomy procedure is a difficult technique that requires skill in inserting and fixing an anvil head when using a circular stapler for reconstruction.

The ENDO-PSI (Ⅱ) SLIM Purse String Instrument, fitted with a trocar, is directly inserted in the trocar wound (10 to 12 mm) below the xiphisternum. By making a purse-string suture of the esophagus and transecting it, the anvil head can be inserted and fixed laparoscopically, enabling a precise esophagoenterostomy to be performed using the same basic technique as an ordinary abdominal operation.


Specialized sutures
NC-WT50F02M-90 polypropylene sutures for purse-string sutures

ENDO-PSI(Ⅱ) SLIM can be divided into three parts.
It is Simple & Easy-to-Assemble.

Endo View

Smoke evacuation forceps

Product Details

Point1 Shaft opening
For left-handed use by surgeon.
Allows the surgeon suction close to the point of operation at any time.

Point2 Evacuation port
The suction tube of the laparoscopic insufflator* connects to the Evacuation port.
*Olympus High Flow Insufflation Unit UHI-4

Endo View

Effective for mist from ultrasonic coagulation and fumes from high frequency electrode.
Enables high-precision surgery by making it unnecessary to wipe camera lenses so frequently and ensuring clear vision.

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